Patriotic Miska-Hussar Foundation

Founder name: Metalloglobus Metal Casting and Trading Ltd.

Founder's headquarters: H-1108 Budapest, Sírkert utca 2-4.
Founding company registration number: Cg. 01-09-681224
Founding company manager: Mr. Mihály Vlaszák

The purpose of the foundation:

The founder established this Foundation with that definite aim to provide non-profit organizational frameworks for the development of youth and future generations' patriotism, the accomplishment of complex and diverse tasks of national defense education, and for the establishing broader professional and civil, entrepreneurial and military collaboration and to establish cooperation on this topic. On the other hand, the Foundation intends to collect financial resources for the achievement of the above goals and to maintain and continuously maintenance the Miska-Hussar sculpture erected in Pákozd.

Foundation headquarters: H-1108 Budapest, Sírkert utca 2-4.

Registration number of the Foundation: 01-01-0012417

Tax number of the foundation: 18878545-1-42 

Nature of the Foundation: The Foundation is open to any domestic or foreign natural persons and legal entities may join at any time during the Foundation's existence with any kind of financial contribution they prefer. The fact of joining does not qualify the connected party as a founder, can not exercise the founder's rights. The connector, however, has the right to make suggestions to the board of trustees regarding the use of its financial aid.

The Foundation does not engage in direct political activity, its organization is independent of parties and does not provide financial support them. Public activity

Public activity Common Tasks Legislation location
Education and training, skills development, knowledge dissemination elementary school, grammar school, vocational secondary school, vocational school, nationality education Act CXC of 2011 on National Public Education 4. § (1) a)-u)
Cultural activity  supporting community cultural traditions and nurturing values XX. Act (1991) on the Tasks and Competencies of Local Authorities and their Bodies, Republic Bureaux and Certain Central Subordinate Bodies Section § 121 a)-b)
Cultural activity  supporting local public education activities 2011 CLXXXIX. Act on Local Self-Government in Hungary Section 13 (1) 7.











The foundation's public benefit services can be received by anyone in accordance with the foundation's goals.

The Foundation provides the publicity of its operation, services and ways of using its on the website, on a billboard at the headquarters of the Foundation, and by publishing it in the hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet. The A

Activities of the Foundation: The Foundation carries out the following public benefit activities to achieve its goals:

nnual Report and the Public Benefit Annex will be published on the website and on a billboard at the headquarters of the Foundation no later than 31 January each year.


The bank account number of the Foundation:

Unicredit Bank 10918001-00000093-43680007

IBAN : HU43 1091 8001 0000 0093 4368 0007


Contact: Mr. Gabor Soós, Chairman of the Board of Trustees 

Mailing address: H-1108 Budapest, Sírkert utca 2-4.

Tel: +36 30 546 9497